refund policy

last update: january 29, 2023


missed/cancelled/tardy sessions:

no credits or refunds are issued for missed sessions for any reason. permitted we recieve at least 48 hours advance notice of a client’s absence, and permitted the engineer’s schedule allow, we will do our best to schedule a make-up session. all make-up sessions must occur no more than 1 month from the original session date.

In the event that a client anticipates an absence, he/she.they may notify the studio any of the following ways (whichever is more convenient for you).

  1. by phone (text or call)
  2. by email
  3. via our booking system
  4. in person

uf a client is tardy to a session, he/she/they will not recieve full time for their session. the client will only recieve a session for the remainder of the time available during the regularly scheduled session time.

withdrawing from a quote:

if a client feels the need to withdraw from the project quote given and recieve less services, the quote given is then null and void and a new quote will be given. quotes include discounted prices for bulk services and will have to be revaluated upon reducing the amount of services required.

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