01/ research:

we clarify what your goals are. discover your wants from needs and determine how to create a mix which will impact your listeners. our goal being to help define the unique qualities which set you apart:
tone, shape, texture, dynamics, style, inspiration.

02/ application:

utilizing the information we curate through research we build up a mix with the intent to connect your vision with the sound of your mix.

03/ refinement:

with our structure and framework applied, we now begin to look more critically at the output to refine the alignment of applications with the sonic identity and parameters set out in the research phase.


01/ discovery

we recognize the importance of working with a good mix,  that’s why the first step is listening. analyzing the mix helps us define your needs and wants so we can navigate to achieve them.

02/ refinement:

through combination of digital and analogue technologies, we accomplish the needs and wants
set out during discovery.

03/ results

we create masters which establish a meaningful and impactful connection with the listener helping translate your mixes accurately and tastefully in the real world.